At the Forefront of Positive Change

Penn Staters at a Cultural Greek Leadership Meeting.

Fraternity and sorority culture is shifting, and Penn State is leading the charge. Building on the foundation of friendship and personal development that has contributed not only to the member and chapter experience but also enriches the campus and community, these efforts are reinforcing the positive aspects of fraternity and sorority life and forging a safe and meaningful path forward. Now, it’s time to let the world know.

Welcome to the first issue of The Leader. This publication will feature stories from individuals, chapters, campus, and from our four fraternity and sorority councils. All of these stories celebrate the progress of fraternity and sorority life’s transformation at Penn State. In addition, the email newsletter will include updates about the Timothy J. Piazza Center for Fraternity and Sorority Research and Reform and its role in offering resources to fraternities and sororities here and around the nation.

In this debut issue, we are thrilled to feature a story about the 100th anniversary of Penn State’s Omega Psi Phi chapter. We celebrate this historic Black organization and the important impact it has had on the campus community. This issue also serves as a call to action for active members and alumni to share their stories with us so we can include them in future issues.

We’ve included a short survey for you to take.

Penn State is making history in transforming fraternity and sorority life—help us change history!

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